As the leading provider of Vancouver commercial cleaning services, the experts at Kirei Cleaning understand the importance of proper office cleaning perhaps more than anyone. While commercial cleaning is our livelihood, we are not the only ones that care how clean your Vancouver office is. In fact, customers, whether they voice it or not, are often the most critical when it comes to office cleaning. There are many reasons why your clients care how clean your office is, and below are the three most common.

Safety and Security

While it may not seem like it to you, office cleanliness is actually a matter of safety and security. Dirty or wet floors can be slippery and one of the primary causes of slips, trips, and falls in the workplace. Further, in the wintertime, snow, and ice outside of your office is an additional risk and communicates a lot to potential visitors. Beyond slippery surfaces, clutter and piles around your office also create tripping hazards and unnecessary obstacles should people need to react quickly in the case of emergency.


Beyond safety and security, having a Vancouver commercial cleaning company handle your office cleaning needs really communicates professionalism. If you take the appearance and organization of your office seriously, certainly you treat the work done therein with an equal level of professionalism. You will build more trust with customers and, as such, likely build your client base in the meantime. If given the choice between working with a company that boasts a clean office versus one that does not take professionalism seriously, customers will choose the former ten out of ten times.


Similar to the air of professionalism, a clean office also communicates that the business operating out of it is highly organized and efficient. All customers are seeking to find solutions to their problems in the most efficient, effective, sensible, and affordable way possible. If you are operating out of a clean office environment, all of those things are being communicated to your customers whether you advertise it or not.

There are a million things to consider when managing an office, and it can be easy for some stuff to unintentionally slip through the cracks. While you may be able to work just fine in an unclean office environment, that type of workplace is communicating very unprofessional things to both your staff and your customers. Don’t let office cleaning be one of those things that slip through the cracks! Instead, hire the experts at Kirei Cleaning – the leader in Vancouver commercial cleaning – to shoulder this burden for you. Give us a call today to request a quote or set up a routine cleaning schedule. We guarantee you will be glad you did!