So, what is the Difference between Housekeeping and Deep Cleaning?

What are the distinctions? Although housekeeping services may involve a certain amount of actual cleaning, it is typically a more cursory job and geared more toward maintaining a tidy and organized space. Deep cleaning involves making sure that the area is thoroughly cleaned.

There are certainly merits to both keeping things organized and tidy and doing a thorough cleaning. It is important to know the difference so that you know what to expect from both services.

Good Housekeeping

A good example of professional housekeeping services can be found in hotels. During your stay, there is little need, unless it is a special situation, to require a thorough cleaning, daily, of your room or suite. In this case, freshening up and tidying, while you are out, involves simply time-sensitive maintenance work. Mostly, the following functions are performed:

  • Vacuuming
  • Making the beds
  • Picking up messes and various spills or crumbs on the floor
  • Emptying trash bins
  • Wiping surfaces
  • Changing the towels

Housekeeping services in hotels work very efficiently as there are typically many rooms that need doing and a tight time window between users. Some commercial cleaners simply are not able to perform to this degree, so it is always a good idea to pay close attention to the service and provide feedback during and after the first couple of times your cleaning company performs these services.

When house cleaning professionals show up at your home for “housekeeping” services, they address those things that you’d normally do each week. Its purpose is to maintain a certain level of cleanliness. It is geared toward keeping things picked up and orderly. The cleaning service may mop the floors, tidy things up, give bathrooms a once-over, take the trash out, or wiping down surfaces. Prices vary and are partly determined by the task-oriented time spent.

Deep Cleaning

A good time to have your cleaning company do a deeper job is when you first hire them. Deep cleaning will cost more money than regular housekeeping cleaning, but it is a good idea it gets things off to a proper start with the cleaning company. You get a greatly needed cleaning and the service can know better what you want to be maintained. Normally, this sort of cleaning, if thorough, is a twice a year effort.

This level of cleaning typically addresses areas and levels of cleanliness not covered in a housekeeping job. Things like:

  • Bathroom scale and soap scum that collects on showerheads, faucets, tiles, and grout.
  • Cleaning the grime that collects on cooking and cleaning appliances like the oven, stove, dishwasher and clothes washer
  • A thorough dusting of all baseboards, doors, window frames and drawers in all rooms
  • Washing the interior of all windows
  • Washing and waxing floors, and a deep clean of the carpet
  • Cleaning marks off of the walls

This service is going to take longer, but once it is done, you should be able to notice the difference, both with the way things look and the way things smell.

The Kirei Cleaning Difference

With a top-notch cleaning service like Kirei, the distinction between housekeeping and deep cleaning is not quite as clear. The reason for this becomes clear when you realize that Kirei adapts to the unique needs of each house and knows the personal preferences of each client. This can blur the lines between one type of service and another. The difference? Our ability to listen and perform accordingly to each of our client’s unique needs.

Bring us in to take a look and give you an estimate. We dedicate ourselves to doing a quality job. That means making extra sure that the job gets done to your satisfaction. You’ll notice the difference in both our people and our service right away.