Carpet is a cozy and inexpensive floor covering, but it can also get dirty quickly and be a pain to clean. Poorly maintained carpet in just one room can affect how your entire house looks and even smells. Regular cleaning is essential for making your carpet look like new for years to come. Here are some ways to keep your carpet cleaner for longer.

Carpet Protection

It may seem redundant to put a rug on top of carpet, but it is practical in high traffic areas. A rug will pick up dirt and dust that your carpet would have otherwise come in contact with. You will have to clean a rug as well, but it is much easier to do that than to clean carpet. A rug can also add character and interest to a dull room or hallway. It is also much easier to purchase a rug than it is to replace carpeting.

Welcome Mat

By placing a welcome mat at your front door, you can trap most of the debris and dirt from outside that would have gotten inside without it. It also helps to keep your home a no-shoe zone if you have carpeting in most rooms. Ask family members and guests to leave their shoes on your welcome mat before entering the rest of your house. You will notice far less dirt tracked in when you implement a welcome mat.

Vacuum Often

Using a vacuum regularly is one of the best ways to keep your carpet clean. Vacuuming prevents dirt from settling deep into your carpet by removing dirt on the service. If you do not vacuum often, debris that ends up on top of it will get packed further down each time someone walks on it. Consider vacuuming at least once a week. You may need to vacuum two to three times each week if your carpet receives a lot of traffic or if you have pets.

Vacuum Properly

Not all vacuums are created the same. Heavy-duty cleaners will cost you more but are worth investment, especially if you have carpet. Remember to go slow so that the vacuum sucks up more dirt in one swipe. Consider getting different vacuums for different applications. A cordless, handheld vacuum is better at cleaning stairs or for small messes, while an upright vacuum is ideal for a large room. Also, remember to replace vacuum bags and filters periodically. Doing so will keep your vacuuming working for longer. If you neglect to change these, your vacuum will start to lose suction.

Trim Snags

A house with kids or pets is bound to leave your carpet with snags at some point. Resist pulling a snag as it can make your carpet look even worse. Instead, use scissors to cut the snag and prevent it from getting worse.

Clean Stains Immediately

Do not let stains sit on your carpet for long or it will become more difficult to remove. While cleaning, remember to blot a stain instead of rubbing it. Scrubbing a stain can cause it to penetrate deeper into your carpet and make it more difficult to get out. If something sticky like gum gets stuck on your carpet, use ice cubes and a butter knife to harden it and scrape it off.

Professional Cleaning

No matter how diligent you are about keeping your carpets clean, the only way to get it every bit of dirt out is by leaving it to the professionals. Consider having them cleaned professionally at least once or twice a year. You may even need more than that depending on how much traffic your carpet gets.

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