In a recent survey among staff workers in America, it was reported that coworkers often judge colleagues in their office environment by how clean or cluttered their workspace is. A messy workspace gives the impression that the person is lazy. It makes them appear careless, disorganized and unaesthetic. A messy office environment can have a detrimental effect on work output and productivity.

A messy office is also reported to decrease productivity, increase stress and reduce focus. It does not give a good impression to potential or existing clients either. Studies have shown that an average person can waste as much as 4.3 hours a week to search for missing documents that occur as a result of a cluttered environment. That’s not all! One of the most crucial dilemmas is the inability of small businesses to serve customers better due to disorganized paperwork. To turn things around and have people view you with more respect, a neat and clean work environment is mandatory. There really is no excuse to not clean up. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, it is wise to employ the services of a professional janitorial cleaning service. Here are a few more reasons and solutions to keep your work environment spic and span.

Avoid Dust Buildup and Allergies

Dust buildup on carpets and hallways can invite allergies and health disorders among employees forcing them to take more sick leave. Mould and mildew that occur as a result of humid, unclean spaces make conditions worse. Make sure the areas are dry, disinfected and sanitized to avoid this. Keep kitchen, bathroom and dining areas well scrubbed and dry to avoid the growth of dangerous bacteria.

Clear Off Your Desk

Daily cleaning can reduce papers piling up on your desk. If you don’t remove the dust and garbage every day, it gets worse every day until the situation is out of control. Every morning, wipe off the thin layer of dust from the top of your desk. Throw away trash. Arrange everything in its proper place. Keep things back from where you took them as soon as you as you’re done. Try not to walk into to a messy workspace. Clean up your workspace before you leave so that next day you’re ready to start fresh.

Professional Clean-Up

The right tools can make a big difference in cleaning. It can make things faster and more thorough. Professional janitors who are part of cleaning companies have tools that you cannot afford to own such as industrial grade vacuum cleaners, carpet steaming machines, commercial disinfectants, and more. Their staff is well trained to do it quickly and effectively. Regular cleaning can elevate the mood and productivity of employees.

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